Will Contribute Two Sections of This Evening's Program Under Leadership of Dr. A. W. Wright '17

In Symphony Hall tonight at 8 o'clock the Freshman class will have its "Pops" Concert Entertainment. The present Sophomore class was the first to have a Freshman, Night, when last spring the first year men filled Symphony Hall to capacity. The Freshman Glee Club will provide the choral part of the program tonight, while the instrumental part will be furnished by Agide Jacchia and his orchestra of; 80 Boston Symphony players.

A few tables which remain untaken will be sold at Symphony Hall tonight.

The complete program follows: 1. Pomp and Circumstance  Elgar 2. Overture to "Pique Dame"  Suppe 3. Fantasia, "11 Trovatore"  Verdi 4. Songs by Freshman Glee Club Prayer of Thanksgiving  Kremser Winter Song  Bullard O Susannah  Foster 5. Danse Macabre  Saint-Saens 6. Deep River  Burieigh-Jacchia 7. The Ride of the Valkyries  Wagner 8. Songs by Freshman Glee Club: Australia  Arr. by Hancock Ten Thousand Men of Harvard  Murray Football Songs  Arr. by Childe 9. Selection, "Stepping Stones" Kern 10. Waltx. "La Barcarolle"  Waldteuful 11. "Up the Street"  Morse Fair Harvard