Instead of Limiting Monday's Function to Invited Few, All Members Will be Welcomed for First Time

For the first time in many years, the annual spring dinner of the Union will be open to all members instead of to an invited few, according to an announcement made last night. At 6.45 o'clock next Monday, the members will congregate in the Living Room for the annual festivities. The menu will be most attractive and will be served at the usual Union dinner price. Informal dress will be worn.

The dinner will be given in honor of J. W. Lamont '92. Other guests who have accepted invitations to speak, include Professor Manley O. Hudson L'10, Bemis Professor of International Law, professor E. K. Rand 94, Dean C. N. Greenough '98 and Professor R. P. Angier '97, dean Freshmen at Yale University. Mr. George Wigglesworth '74, president of the Union and chairman of the Board of Overseers, will preside. Corliss Lamont '24, vice-president of the Union, will represent the undergraduates at the speakers table.