Sophomore A Leaves for New Haven Today and Freshman 150-Pound Accompanies It-Race Tomorrow

A final change in crew A yesterday afternoon brought Weymer from the second boat to seat four in the first shell, displacing Raymond, who takes Weymer's old position in the junior University crew. The new combinations had a stiff work-out yesterday afternoon prior to packing up for their departure from Cambridge.

The University and first Freshman eights, accompanied by coaches, managers, and one University and two Freshman substitute oarsmen, left for Ithaca at 8.30 last night. They will arrive there shortly after noon today and each will take a row on Lake Cayuga this afternoon. Saturday's events are scheduled late in the day, the Freshman race preceding the University's.

Two other Crimson crews leave Cambridge this morning for foreign waters. Coach Brown's Sophomore A crew and the first Freshman 150-pound eight will reach New Haven in time to have a workout on the Housatonic this afternoon. These two crews will race the respective eight of Yale tomorrow.