TODAY Chemistry 5Sem. Mus. 1 Economics 2b Adams to McElroy  Harvard 2 McGreevy to Shaw  Harvard 3 Shubow to Youman  Holden Chapel Engin. Sciences 5b  Pierce 304 English 39  Geol. Lect. Rm. English 41 Abramson to R. P. Howe  Emerson D Hubbard to Lishman  Sever 5 Litter to Nolan  Sever 6 Norman to Slafsky  Sever 11 Smart to Ummersen  Sever 17 Videon to Zofnase  Sever 18 Fine Arts 3a  Fogg Mus. Fine Arts 5g  Fogg Lect. Rm. Fine Arts 10a  Robinson Hall French 15  Sever 36 German 1c  Sever 30 German 4  Sever 36 German 7  Harvard 6 Government 1 Mr. Carey, C1, C2, C3, C4  New Lect. Hall Mr. Fairman, F1, F2, F3, F4  New Lect. Hall Mr. Havighurst, H1, H2, H3, H4  New Lect. Hall Mr. McClintock, M1, M2, M3, M4  New Lect. Hall Government 11  Emerson A Greek 8  Sever 30 History 11 Allen to Mulsrud  Harvard 5 Laimbeer to Wyman  Harvard 6 History 36  Emerson F History 39  Zool. Lect. Rm. Mathematics A IV  Zool. Lect. Rm. Mathematics C II Prof. Kellogg's section 1 Avila to Stryker  Sever 23 Sturtevant to Young  Sever 24 Mr. Ward's section 2 Ball to Houck  Sever 24 Howard to Johnston  Sever 29 Mr. Slotnickla section 3  Sever 29 Mathematics 9  Sever 35 Mathematics 10b  Zool. Lect. Rm. Mineralogy 10  Mineral Lab. Music 1a  Music Bldg. 4 Music 4c  Holden Chapel Philosophy 5 Abell to Bandler  Emerson F Hartel to Woods  Emerson J Philosophy 8  Emerson F Physics 4b  Geol. Lect. Rm. Slavic 1a  Emerson F Spanish 2  Geol. Lect. Rm. Zoology 3  Zool. Lect. Rm. TOMORROW Chemistry 22  Emerson D Mathematics 39  Emerson D Mathematics K (anticipatory)  Emerson D