Naval Department Offers Opportunity to Get Ensign's Commission at Fort Hamilton--Pay $85 a Month

Another opportunity for members of the University to secure commissions as ensigns in the Naval Reserve Force with the flight designation of naval aviator is open at the flight school at Fort Hamilton, New York, which is enrolling a large number of college students in the summer.

The Board of Officers at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn in meeting every Monday and Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock to examine applicants, and applications may be made until June 25. Those who are accepted are required to take an oath that, if qualified, they will continue to the completion of 45 days' duty this summer and 45 days' duty the following summer. Possibly the departments will order those completing the preliminary course on August 15 to proceed to Hampton Roads and complete their training.

Every student is furnished with a free uniform, free sleeping quarters, and is paid about $85 a month practically the only charge being for food at the rate of 25 cents a meal.

In the first 45 days students learn to fly alone and then complete thirty hours of solo flying including some acrobatics. When they are not occupied in flying they are required to do all necessary work in connection with the upkeep and repair of planes under the supervision of Navy machanics. In the evenings from 8 to 9 o'clock there is ground school work covering radio, machine gunnery, navigation, and seamanship.

Lieutenant Iseman at the Naval Reserve Air Station. Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, will give fuller information to prospective applicants.