Varied List of Musical Numbers Will be Played by Bert Lowe's and Ives' Bands Alternately

Final arrangements for the Senior Spread to be held Monday evening, June 16, at 9 o'clock in Memorial Hall were announced last night by the Senior Spread Committee, Boxes and tables, which will be furnished and decorated by the Committee, will be placed in the Delta near Memorial Hall.

The small boxes, near the apex of the Delta, will hold six or eight persons, while the larger ones near the Hall will hold 12 to 16. The tables will seat from one to three couples and will be placed in the middle of the Delta.

Lowe's and Ives' Bands to Play

The music will be supplied by two orchestras, playing alternately, Bert Lowe's inside the Hall and Ives' Band outside in the Delta, where canvass will be spread for dancing.

The following is the list of dances:

1. Somebody Stole My Gal

2. In the Evening

3. After the Storm

4. Don't Mind the Rain

5. What'll I Do

6. When Lights Are Low (Waltz)

7. San


8. My Sweetheart

9. From One Till Two

10. Oh Baby

11. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody

12. Shanghai Lullaby

13. There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes

14. Limehouse Blues

15. Twelfth Street

The following is a list of the patronesses:

Mrs. Arthur Adams, Mrs. Copley Amory, Mrs. G. T. Baldwin, Mrs. C. B. Barnes, Mrs. H. F. Bigelow; Mrs. B. S. Bradford, Mrs. Addison Brown, Mrs. F. L. Bullard, Mrs. LeB. R. Briggs, Mrs. T. J. Coolidge, Mrs. W. E. Crosby, Mrs. Arthur Dubois, Mrs. E. D. Emerson, Mrs. R. T. Fisher, Mrs. Philip Gardener, Mrs. C. W. Gerould, Mrs. W. P. Graves, Mrs. C. N. Greenough, Mrs. C. T. Greve, Mrs. H. S. Grew, Mrs. J. F. Harris, Mrs. W. B. Henry, Mrs. J. H. Hill, Mrs., A. L. Hobson, Mrs. D. C. Holder, Mrs. C. H. Hollister, Mrs. C. J. Hubbard, Mrs. R. S. Hubbard, Mrs. James Jackson Jr., Mrs. J. H. Jenkins, Mrs. William Keyes, Mrs. F. K. Kernan, Mrs. C. G. La Farge, Mrs. T. W. Lamont, Mrs. L. V. Lock-wood, Mrs. G. C. Lodge, Mrs. A. L. Lowell, Mrs. Matthew Luce, Mrs. Charles MacVeagh, Mrs. J. J. Merrill, Mrs. K. B. Murdock, Mrs. J. M. Newell, Mrs. H. T. Nichols, Mrs. Guido Panteleoni, Mrs. G. E. Pfaffmann, Mrs. F. S. Pratt, Mrs. H. A. Prince, Mrs. R. L. Raymond, Mrs. E. S. Reynal, Mrs. R. S. Russell, Mrs. Bernabe Sanchez, Mrs. H. F. Schwarz, Mrs. J. H. Sherburne, Mrs. C. B. Smith, Mrs. George Stevens, Mrs. R. C. Storey, Mrs. G. S. Walker, Mrs. R. DeC, Ward, Mrs. Henry Wheeler.