Tournament Will Begin Monday With Many Changes in Ways and Means

The annual Union Chess Tournament, which starts next Monday, January 12, will be conducted on a plan different from that used in past years, it was announced yesterday. The "round-robin" system, whereby each player will play one game with every other participant in the tournament, has been adopted to replace the method of elimination.

All games must be played by timeclock. The time limit will be thirty-six moves for the first two hours and eighteen moves for each additional hour, and any man exceeding this limit automatically defaults the match to his opponent.

The games will be played at the rate of one round every two days, and a player who falls to notify his opponent that he cannot keep an appointment automatically defaults the match. At every game there will be a third person, who will not, however, have the power of deciding contested points. The tournament committee is composed of Adrien Gambet '25, F. A. Mulloney '25, and H. A. McCashin '25.