Hodge, Recently Converted Tackle, Moved Back to Center Position

Providence, R. L. October 13, 1926. Brown emerged from the Pennsylvania game in fairly good physical condition, although Stephens, first-string center, suffered a dislocated shoulder which will keep him out of play for at least two weeks, and may result in his forced withdrawal for the remainder of the season.

Hodge, substitute center who was recently converted into a tackle, will be shifted back to the center position. Hodge's place at tackle will probably be taken by Gurney, former Exeter star and captain of the Brown Freshman eleven last year.

Pennsylvania uncovered great offensive power last Saturday, and this exceptional offensive strength, coupled with the fact that Brown was guilty of several disastrous fumbles and costly misplays, enabled the Quakers to turn back the University eleven 90, despite the fact that Brown gained more yardage and made, more first downs.