As the result of another cut made by the Student Councils' Committee on Cheerleading, ten men have been retained for further trial. From among those retained, two men have been temporarily appointed head cheerleaders, and they will each be in charge of four men during the Holy Cross game next Saturday. One group will lead the cheers during the first and fourth periods, while the other group will be in charge during the two middle quarters.

Thayer Cumings '26 is temporary head cheerleader of the group composed of L. O. Combs '26, Roger Magoun '27, J. N. Watters '26, and K. M. Rogers '26, W. L. Tibbets '26 will be temporarily in charge of E. C. Haggerty '27, S. B. Jones '26, E. W. Martin '26, and A. H. O'Neil '28.

W. L. Tibbetts '26 and R. P. McFadden '26 have been retained as Song Leaders, and will take turns in leading on Saturday.

The Holy Cross game will be the final tryouts for those retained. Following the game, five men will be chosen, one of whom will be appointed permanent head cheerleader.