Current Attractions

Plymouth--"Candida" at 8.20.

Wilbur--"Old English", with George Arliss, at 8.15.

Tremont--"Louis the Fourteenth", with Leon Errol, at 8.00.

Colonial--"Lady Be Good", with Walter Catlett and the Astaires, at 8.10.

Majestic--"Greenwich Village Follies" at 8.15.

Shubert--"The Student Prince" at 8.10.

Hollis--"The Kick-Off" at 8.15.

Repertory Theatre--"The Wild Duck", with Blanche Yurka, at 8.10.

Copley--"Captain Applejack" a 8.20.

Castle Square--"Abie's Irish Rose" at 8.15.

Coming Plays

New Park--"Stronger Than Love", with Nance O'Neil, on December 14.

Plymouth--"Apple Sauce", with Allan Dinehart, on December 14.

Wilbur--"Accused", with E. H. Sothern, on December 21.