In the Graduate Schools

President Will Accept Applications by Members of the University Staff for Help From the Remaining Fund

Of the Milton fund for aid in investigation, $35,000 is still available. Requests must be made to President Lowell before February 1, 1926. Any members of the instructing or scientific or administrative staff of the University are privileged to make requests.

This sum is the residue of a $50,000 income which is annually derived from the estate of the late William F. Milton '58. After his death the bulk of his estate was to go toward the building of a University library or, if there was no such need, to defray the expenses of any special investigation of a medical, geographical, historical, or scientific nature. It was further stated that such investigation should be "in the interests of, or for promoting the physical and material welfare and prosperity of the human race, or to assist in the discovery and perfecting of any special means of alleviating, or curing human disease, or to investigate and determine the value or importance of any discovery or invention, or any other special or temporary object of the nature above stated."

Requests, to be made in triplicate, must specify the object and nature of the investigation with as much precision as is necessary to judge of value, the probable length of time it will require, and the expense involved.