All Freshmen Are Requested to Report Today and Tomorrow to Be Assigned to Tentative Eights

The mild weather, which made it possible for Coach Stevens to take his crews on the Charles in shells, at the earliest date in the rowing history of the University, was not in evidence yesterday. A cold wind and rough water kept all boats from the river and necessitated the use of the rowing tank for the first time this week. Practice in the tank was somewhat hampered by the lack of the airplane motor circulator which is temporarily out of repair.

Determine Approximate Seatings

The three days of rowing in shells have given both Coach Stevens and Coach Brown an opportunity to appraise their men and make up approximate seatings for all their combinations. Coach Stevens' candidates for the first boat have been divided into the X, Y and Z groups. The line-up for the first of these is fairly definite while the members of the Y and Z combinations are being shifted daily.

Coach Brown's Class crews were assembled last week and have had the benefit of the few days together on the water. They have been graded into six eights rowing at alternate hours during the afternoon.

Stevens to Talk Today

This afternoon Coach Stevens intends to give the first squad a short talk on training, emphasizing the fact that healthy living and not necessarily rigorous dieting is the requisite of a well trained man.

Practice for the Freshmen was also limited to machines yesterday. Coach Haines has asked that all 1928 oarsmen report to the boathouse tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday to receive their first grading for Spring practice. Definite combinations from the results of the grading will be made up on Wednesday and begin river practice in shells as soon as it is possible.

Line-Ups of First Two Eights

The first two eights practiced yesterday as follows:

Crew X--Stroke, Robert Winthrop '26; 7, Geoffrey Platt '27; 6, J. W. Gates '27; 5, G. R. Johnson '25; 4, D. C. Gates '26; 3, V. F. Righter '26; 3, O'D. Iselin '26; bow, H. C. Peirce '27; cox., C. S. Heard 3E.S.

Crew Y--Stroke, J. H. Perkins '27; 7, Kent Leavitt '26; 6, C. F. Darlington '26; 5, J. P. Hubbard '26; 4, W. J. Milde '25; 3, Robert Todd '27; 2, Elisha Carning Jr. '26; bow, G. D. Krumbhaar '26; cox., W. E. Bur Jr. '26.