Jeremiah Smith '92, Former University Football Manager, Wields Chief Political Power in Hungarian Democracy

Jeremiah Smith '92, who distinguished himself in extra-curriculum activities while an undergraduate as manager of the University football team, is now virtual ruler of Hungary.

Having weathered a storm of displeasure stirred up in Hungary while acting in his capacity as League of Nations High Commissioner. Mr. Smith has announced that he will serve out his two and a half year term begun last June. Political opponents had tried to take advantage of Mr. Smith's absence at Geneva to make his position difficult, but on returning he succeeded in a quelling all disturbances.

Mr. Smith was chosen for the difficult task of setting the new state of Hungary on its official feet. A League of Nations loan of $50,000,000 was put under his supervision, and he is applying it to cover budgetary deficits during his term. The budget, which was designed to balance at the completion of his term has been balanced already. "Time" gives the University credit for teaching Mr. Smith the rudiments of management.

While in Cambridge, Mr. Smith was manager of the University football team. During the war he was associated with General Dawes. Since the armistice he has sat upon several finance commissions. This is the record of his environmental training, which is matched only by his heredity. He is described as a "plan old-fashioned Yankee lawyer."