Was Football Star at Nebraska--Rose to Top of Wrestling Profession in 11 Months--Failed as Boxer

C. A. C. Eastman '24, generally considered Harvard's giant athlete, became a babe in arms yesterday afternoon beside Wayne B. Munn, champion heavyweight wrestler of the world, when he gave a wrestling demonstration before 400 enthusiastic students of the University in Hemenway gymnasium.

Eastman, who was for two years a tackle on the University football team, and a mainstay of the line, was dwarfed into insignificance beside the huge bulk of Munn, who is six feet six inches tall and weighs 265 pounds.

Tosses Him About With Ease

While demonstrating to his audience the various wrestling holds which he had employed in defeating Strangler Lewis two months ago, Munn lifted Eastman into the air, and tossed him about his head with little difficulty.

Munn was a former star lineman of the Nebraska football team, on which Eastman also played for a year before entering the University. During his year of football in the West. Eastman had as a fellow lineman one of Munn's younger brothers, who has since forsaken football for a seat in the Nebraska state legislature.

Before beginning his demonstration, Munn gave a brief talk, describing his experiences since his graduation from Nebraska. After service in the Army during the war, he entered business, working for some months as a salesman. But at the urgence of some of his friends, he deserted business and returned to athletics as a profession. After a brief and unsuccessful career as a boxer, he took up wrestling, and in 11 months worked his way to his present position in the wrestling world.

Explains Holds To Crowd

After this introduction, Munn called Eastman from the sidelines, and the two men stripped to the waist, while Munn explained to his audience the importance of a knowledge of the law of levers, and the chief nerve centers of the body, in wrestling.

Then, taking up various of his holds, Munn explained them to the crowd, one by one, demonstrating the while on Eastman. After illustrating the "Three Point Contact Hold," the "Double Wrist Lock," the toehold, and the headlock, he reproduced his famous bout with Strangler Lewis, showing how each one of his three falls was obtained.

It was during the demonstration of the second and third fall that Eastman came in for the better part of his aviation. Both these falls were obtained by the crotch and half Nelson held, and in explaining these, Munn lifted Eastman from the ground, and twirled him over his shoulder before gently setting him upon the ground again.

"Wayne B. Munn," said Coach W. E. Lewis of the University wrestling team is physically more than we had anticipated. He is a splendid type of the big man, and he has brawn, not beef. He has a charming personality, a clean cut American. He talks like a trained thinker, probably because of his college education.

"One of the chief advantages that is to be gained by Munn's being at the head of his sport, is the general uplifting effect that he will have. A trained college man and an American will help break up the foreign ring that has up till recently held the control of wrestling."