Pop Concerts Open Tonight

The fortieth season of the annual "Pops" concert week at Symphony Hall will open this evening at 8 o'clock. The "Pops" will be open to the public each night, although on Monday, May 11, the majority of the front space in the hall will be reserved for the Freshman class.

Agide Jacchia will lead the orchestra, which consists of 80 pieces from the Boston Symphony Orchestra. A feature of Monday night's program will be singing by the Freshman Glee Club. Smoking will be permitted and refreshments served.

Tonight's program will be as follows: 1. Introduction to Act III "Lohengrin"  Wagner 2. Overture to "William Tell"  Rossini 3. Jota  Stoessel-Jacchia 4. Fantasia, "Fedora"  Glordano 5. Twelfth Hungarian Rhapsody  Liszt 6. Rachem (Invocation) Manna-Zucca  (Orchestrated by A. Jacchia) 7. Scherzo, "The Flight of the Bumble Bee"  Rimsky-Korsakov 8. Ouverture Soiennelle "1812"  Tchaikovsky 9. Selection, "Carmen"  Bizet 10. Valse Triste  Sibelius 11. French Military March  Saint-Saens