The Yale wrestling team upset predictions Saturday night by defeating the University wrestlers, 16 to 9. in the lighter classes the Crimson men had a distinct advantage over their Blue rivals and were leading 9 to 3, when the 158-pound bout was reached. In this, Miller of Yale took a fall from McSweeney of Harvard in three minutes, 10 seconds, thus putting the two teams on ever terms. Yale then won the next two matches. Captain Russell defeating Hayne in the 175-pound class, and Allen winning from Captain C.H. Bradford by decision. Russell, who is the intercollegiate champion in his class and who has never been defeated while wrestling for Yale, succeeded in getting a headlock on Hayne and scoring a fall in seven minutes 15 seconds. There was a distinct football flavor about the unlimited match, in which Allen, Yale's star fullback gained a close decision over Captain Bradford of Harvard, who was one of the regular line-men on the University eleven last fall. Turner of Harvard, scored his seventh straight win in taking the decision from Krevitt of Yale in the 115-pound class.

The summary:

115-pounds--Turner (H) won from Krevitt (Y) by decision.

125-pounds--Conking (Y) defeated Goldberg (H) by decision in three, three minute overtime periods.

135-pounds--Gunman (H) defeated Grimes (Y) by decision.

158-pounds--Miller (Y) defeated McSweeney (H) by a fall in three minutes, 10 seconds.

175-pounds--Captain Russell (Y) defeated Hayne (H) by a fall in seven minutes 15 seconds.

Unlimited--Allen (Y) defeated Bradford (H) by decision.


The University Polo team was victorious over the Essex County three last Saturday night in the Commonwealth Armory by a score of 3 1-2 to 3. This was the first defeat Essex had received during the season and was a surprise. The game was not as fast as might be expected, as the first half was one-sided. At the end of the fourth chukker the score was 3 to 0 in favor of the Crimson riders. Each member of the team contributed a goal. In the fifth chukker, Almy, Essex's star back, scored twice, and added another for his team in the sixth. Meanwhile Stranahan tallied for Harvard, but a foul called on Shaw decreased the University's score to 3 1-2.

The University riders are now tied with Essex in the finals of the League tournament.

The Polo team is entered in the Intercollegiate and National indoor championships in New York City, and is favored to win the nationals because of their handicap.


Harvard was given its first collegiate fencing defeat when Columbia beat the University fencing team by a score of 8 to 5 at the Hemenway gymnasium on Saturday afternoon. The visitors won by narrow five to four margin with the foils, but took the epee event with ease winning three out of four matches.

In the foils A.G. Carrillo '26, captain of the Harvard team proved to be the outstanding man, penetrating the defense of his three Columbia opponents with thrusts which soon gave him the victory over them. He brought about the second defeat suffered this season by Juan Jose Fuertes, the Columbia captain, when he beat him by the overwhelming score of five touches to one.

The man who proved to be the pillar of strength on the Columbia team was Henry Herts who, after going down before the accurate attack of Carrillo, pulled himself together sufficiently to beat Howard Finney Jr. '26 and A.R. Allem '26 with the foils and still have energy enough to vanquish R.P. Outerbridge '28 and J.F. Davidson '27 with the duelling swords. His day's total was just half of the winning Columbia score.


The Harvard Freshman quintet lost to the powerful Eli 1929 basketball team Saturday evening when they dropped their final game of the season by a 31 to 28 score. By virtue of this win, the Yale Freshmen captured the Big Three championship in Freshman basketball.

The Crimson team was unsteady throughout the most part of the first half, and Yale jumped to an early lead which proved too formidable for the Harvard quintet to overcome. The score was 25 to 4 before the Crimson team got started, but after that the scoring was all on its side. The half ended with the score 25 to 9.

This marked the third game which the Crimson cubs have lost in their schedule of 11. Their only other losses have been at the hands of Andover and M.I.T.

Merrill led the scoring for Yale, while Bailey and Captain Burns proved the stafs for the Crimson.

The summary: HARVARD 1929  YALE 1929 Bailey, Ketchum r.f.  l.g. Brockelman O'Connell l.f. r.g.  Charlesworth, Reeves Filoon, Burns c. c.  Fodder Burns, Valentine r.g  l.f. Billhardt, Lebourgens

Jaffe l.g. r.f. Merrill, Lebourgens, Harris

Score--Harvard 28, Yale 31. Goals from floor--Merrill 4, Fodder 3, Burns 3, O'Connell 3, Bailey 3, Filoon, Valentine, Lebourgens 2, Billhardt 2, Charlesworth. Goals from fouls--Bailey 3, O'Connell, Burns, Filoon, Merrill 2, Charlesworth 2, Fodder, Billhardt, Reeves. Referee--Osney of St. Johns. Umpire W. Brennan of Pratt Institution. Time--Four quarters of 10 minutes each.


Saturday night before the University wrestling meet, the 1929 matmen were defeated by their Blue rivals, 18-9. In spite of their impressive record this season the Yale Freshmen were more powerful than had been expected. The feature bout of the meet was in the 135-pound class, in which Wiley of Yale threw Captain Lifrak of Harvard in an exciting one minute overtime period.


The Freshman Polo team bowed to Yale in a closely contested game Saturday in the Yale Armory. The final score was 10 1-2 to 8 1-2 in favor of the Yale Freshmen.

Yale overwhelmed the Harvard first-year riders in the first chukker having at the end of it piled up a score of 7 1-2 to 1. Through the rest of the game the University Freshmen consistently gained on their opponents, but were unable to overcome the long lead. F.A. Clark '29, and J.P. Cotton '29, acting captain, led in the scoring for Harvard and Ferguson for Yale. Clark made four goals. Cotton three, and R.P. Gibb '29, and J.H. Remick '29, one each. Ferguson and Folger each made four. Clark was the only man to foul during the fiercely played game.

The summary follows: HARVARD 1929  YALE 1929 Gibb (Cotton) No. 1  No. 1, Folger Cotton (Remick) No. 2  No. 2, Ferguson Remick (Clark) back  Adams (Dodge) back

Score--Yale 10 1-2, Harvard 8 1-2. Goals--Folger 4, Ferguson 4, Adams 2, Clark 4, Cotton 3, Gibb, Remick. Time 4 7 1-2 minute periods. Referee--Capt. Gates.