1929 Fencers Outstab Schoolboys

In a closely contested struggle at the Hemenway Gymnasium yesterday afternoon, the Freshman fencing team defeated the visiting foilsmen from Boston English High School, winning six matches out of nine. The most brilliant work of the entire meet was done by G. H. Umbsen '29, who won all three of his matches by decisive scores.

The fencing room at the gymnasium was unusually crowded by the spectators of the event. The summary of the matches follows:

C. B. Hollister '29 defeated Feldman (E.H.S.) 5-4, and Lavine (E.H.S.) 5-1, and lost to Stollo (E.H.S.) 3-5. Samuel Galland '29 defeated Stollo (E.H.S.) 5-4, and lost to Feldman (E.H.S.) 1-5. Lavine (E.H.S.) defeated D. F. Edger '29, 5-3. G. H. Umbsen '29, defeated Feldman (E.H.S.) 5-3, Lavine (E.H.S.) 5-3, and Hartman (E.H.S.) 5-0. Referee--Lane.