Today there will be sounds of music and dancing of Juniors in the streets; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who are cast into outer darkness, for the draw has been made. The little brown envelopes have been drawn out of the pillow case or other receptacle used, and from the fingers of the benevolent committee honey has dripped to some and gall to others.

Truth had the reputation of being stranger than fiction, but there can be little doubt that that honor was ill-deserved. From back pages of the daily journals, from "Whiz Bang", from the over-fertilized imaginations of the presumably witty, come combinations of words rarely before encountered. "Men Without Women", "Judd, Ruth and the Sashweight", "Browning and Three Peaches", just growed for the occasion. They could not have had a prior raison d'etre and we trust will sink into that impenetrable oblivion which we feel sure awaits them.

Still, there is a certain glamour attached to these concoctions. They may not have fulfilled their purpose and their perpetrators in many cases are now out in the cold once more seeking lodging, but for a brief moment they have shown that the undergraduate imagination is quite as moist as it should be,--perhaps a little more so. Quite possibly in the not so far distant future from the very imaginations which ferreted out these outrageous appellations will have gained for themselves the immortality which was not theirs this time. Theirs will be the glory of giving to a breathless and expectant world that menace of the 1940's which will have succeeded to the throne once occupied by the Cross-Word Puzzle and the Ask Me Another book.