Lone Tally for Sophomores is Made by Ketchum-1929 Unable to Break Through Opponents Defense

Yesterday afternoon the Sophomore class football team defeated the Senior eleven in a close, hard fought battle when it pushed over a touchdown in the first quarter and head the Seniors score less for the remainder of the game.

The touchdown was scored by P. A. Ketchum '31 but the Sophomores missed the kick for point after scoring. Both teams remained scoreless for the last three quarters.

The lineups of the Senior and Sophomore teams follows:

Sophomore class team: L. H. Lifehits '31, l. e.: W. T. Whitney '31, l. t.: E. S. Amazoen '31, l. g.: E. T. Brinkley '31, c.: C. W. Dreyfus '31, r. g.: H. W. Sibley '31, r. t,; Robert Dutton '31, r. e.: Waldron Post '31, q. b. A. B. Serino '31, l. h. b.: F. A. Beyer '31, r. h. b: P. A. Ketchum '31, f. b.

Senior class team: Ambrose Cray '29, l. e: Robert Reinhart '29, l. t. Elliot Marple '30, l. g.: H. B. Manger '29, c: J. F. Poland '29, r. g.: W. S. Tower, Jr., '29, r. t: F. G. Kraetser, Jr., '29, r. e: Stewart Boal '29, q. b: A. G. Whitney '29, l. h. b.: R. F. Mahady '29, r. h. b: J. J. Antonuccio '29, f. b.