Few colleges are farther apart in concept and fact than West Point and Harvard. The difference of their destinations was clear in 1895, when they first met on the football field; thirty-three years have only served to erase whatever rudimentary parallelisms once existed. In October of 1928 the path of each has once more come full circle, and behold, here is the other. The fundamental changes that have overtaken the Academy and the College, instead of making an anomaly of their meeting, lend it a strange and altogether pleasing overtone of appropriateness.

Harvard and West Point stand at the extremities of the bracket of education. But though these be as other East and West, parodox rules today, not Kipling. And implicit within them is that American homogeneity that makes this rendezvous appeal to the pulses of each. The permanence of the effect of Harvard on West Point and West Point on Harvard is no key to the value of this meeting. No such heightening is needed for the healthy contrasting colors that make this a welcome Saturday at Harvard.