Coach Horween drove his gridiron forces through what was probably the last scrimmage, of the season yesterday afternoon. The first team, playing on the offensive practically all the time rolled up 37 points against an eleven composed of coaches, scrubs, and ineligibles.

Aerial Work is Stressed

The workout was largely devoted to the development of an effective aerial attack. Different passing combinations were tried and worked with varying success, but no definite conclusions were reached by the coaches. The lineup which will face Hole Cross this week-end is still as problematical as it was after Saturday's encounter with Pennsylvania.

Captain A. E. French '29 was taking things easy yesterday and his place in the lineup was filled alternately by A. W. Huguley '31 and T. W. Gilligan '31. The latter's passing was on the whole the best seen all afternoon, and the rumor that he will figure in a backfield shakeup before the end of the week persisted as strongly as ever.

Regulars Score Six Touchdowns

The 37 points which the regular forces scored came as a result of six touchdowns and one extra point. The dropkicking was woefully weak and can stand much polishing before the Yale game. Harper plunged over the center of other line for the first tally, and also made the second on a ten yard romp off tackle.

After this touchdown Gilligan's passes began to function and were largely responsible for the next three scores. Quite as many of the overhead attempts were going awry as were finding their mark, though, and the coaches have a long way to go yet before they can boast of anything resembling an effective passing game.