Mailing of Outside Subscriptions Starts Today -- Receipts Are Redeemable Monday

The Harvard University Register for 1927-28 will definitely be put on sale Monday morning at both the Crimson Building and the Harvard Cooperative Society, it was announced last night. The first copies are arriving from the publisher today, and will promptly be mailed to Harvard Clubs and other subscribers in distant parts of the country.

These comprise only a small number of the 500 copies printed, the bulk of the edition arriving Monday, when those not already subscribed for will go on sale. Five hundred copies of the Register have been printed, 325 of which have already been sold through subscription, some of which are being mailed to purchasers outside of Cambridge today. The remaining 175 copies will go on sale Monday at $2.50 apiece.

No copies will be available to either subscription holders or purchasers today, and all subscribers are asked to wait until Monday to present their receipts at the Crimson Building at which time they will be given immediate attention.

Publication of the Register this year has been unavoidably delayed by the destruction of all the type in a recent fire in the Van Dyke Printing Comany, New Haven publishers, who were at that time handling the publication of the Register. The subsequent handling of this year's edition has been done by a Boston firm.