Magie and Pratt Will Deal With Reception of Visiting Teams--Will Suggest Entertainment Possibilities

At a meeting of the Student Council held last night two committees were appointed by W. G. Saltonstall '28, President of the Council, the one in reference to the recently adopted amendment to the constitution and the other to deal with the question of the entertainment of the visiting teams.

The first committee, composed of Winslow Carlton '29 and H. F. Schwarz '29, has been chosen to meet Dean Hanford at the earliest possible moment to discuss with him the clause number six of Article E on the powers of the Council, which is embodied in the new constitution of the Council, drawn up last fall. It is felt that this change would require essentially the support of the administration. This committee will make its report at the next meeting. The clause causing the difficulty states that the Council has the power "To prohibit any man who shows an indisposition to respect the recommendation of the Council from becoming and remaining a member of any college activity subject to open competition, in order fully to protect the rights of the undergraduate body."

The second committee has as its members C. A. Pratt '28 and W. A. Magie '28. They will investigate the possibilities of giving a better reception and entertainment to visiting teams.