After the first trials of the Freshman Debating team yesterday afternoon five men have been retained. It was announced, however, that any Freshmen who were unable to appear at the trials yesterday may try out on Monday.

The Freshmen who are retained are E. L. Belisle, H. G. Buller, Samuel +66+6Fishman, A. S. Gilmartin, and J. A. Marcus. From these five men a team of three and one alternate will be picked.

These men and others who wish to try out should prepare five minute speeches on either side of the question: "Resolved, That the United States cease to protect, by armed intervention, the foreign investments of its citizens." This question will be debated with the M. I. T. Freshmen on April 16.

The next trials will be held in Smith Halls Common Room Monday afternon at 3.30 o'clock.