Count Felix von Luckner is Guest at Mammoth Luncheon -- To Relate War Exploits -- Roved Through Shipping Lanes in Camouflaged Cruiser

Count Felix von Luckner will recount his raiding expeditions in the Seedier during the World War at a luncheon of 250 Union members at 1.10 o'clock this noon.

All tickets to the luncheon were taken last Saturday but standing room will be available during the address for those who desire to hear the German sea rover.

Among those at the head table will be H. W. Bragdon '28, vice-president of the Union, E. P. Bayley '28, H. L. Clarke '28, A. F. Pavenstedt '30, J. H. Perkins '27, J. L. Pool '28 and H. F. Schwarz '29.

Arrived in Boston Yesterday

Count von Luckner arrived in Boston yesterday and during his two day stay he has four lectures listed with full houses assured for all of them.

His popularity is due to his sea-roving expeditions through the allied blockades during the war when he camouflaged an armed vessel as a Norwegian fishing schooner with the Count, himself, taking the part of the captain. Thus disguised the ship was able to proceed through enemy zones and sink hostile ships. He boasts to have sent 25 allied ships to the bottom without killing or injuring a man, a fact to which the many medals he has been awarded bear testimony. His adventures before the war when he ran away from home and worked his way around the world add to his numerous experiences.

The position of Count Luckner's legs shows the result of much walking the quarter deck.