Postponed Tilt Between Crimson and Blue 1931 Teams to be Tomorrow

HARVARD 1931  YALE 1931 Bassett. e.f.  e.f., Mekenzie Gilmor. r.f.  3b., McGowan McGrath, s.s.  l.f., Snead Des Roches, 2b.  1b., Vincent Samborski. p.  r.f., Walker Ticknor, l.f.  e., Linehan Batchelder, 1b.  s.s., Taylor Ogden. 3b.  2b., Austen Sims. e.  p., wheeler

The undefeated Harvard Freshman baseball team will meet the Yale first year, nine in New Haven tomorrow afternoon. The contest was originally scheduled for last Saturday, but was postponed on account of bad weather.

The game scheduled for the same day between the Crimson and Blue second teams has been definitely cancelled, as was the tilt listed for the championship class teams of the two institutions.