The University quintet defeated the Middlebury five 41 to 31 last night in a hard-fought contest at Hemenway Gymnasium.

The game started at a fast pace the Middlebury team falling into the defensive tactics that it maintained for a great part of the game. Harvard's attack broke through this defense several times to score, ringing up a total of 22 points by the end of the first period, while the Middlebury outfit having little difficulty in scoring, once it got the ball, shot a total of 21. Throughout the game, Harvard's play was characterized by a strong driving attack, and a weak, unorganized defense.

T. G. Upton '31, the main object of Middlebury's defense, was unable to score. He played a fast game, but could not break away at any time long enough to shoot. J. S. Rex '31 and H. T. Wenner '30, Harvard's high scorers, played an excellent game throughout.

The second half started with a series of fouls on both sides, and Middlebury then took the offensive for the first time, caging several baskets in short order.

Upton, still a marked man, was unable to score from the floor, while Rex and Wenner ran up the score between them. Farrell showed marked improvement over his form in the Worcester contest, but lacked the speed to break away from the Middlebury guards, who worked together in splendid coordination.

The summary follows:

Score--Harvard 41, Middlebury $1. Goals from floor--Rex 6, Wenner 4, O'Connell 3, Mahady 2, Farrell, Johnson 3, Humeston 4, Humeston 4, Sorenson 3, Goals on fouls--Upton 3, O'Connell 2, Mahady 2,--Farrell, Wenner, Soreson 4, Casey, Johnson, Spooner, Timekeeper--McGuire: Referee-Souders, ware-Two 20-minute periods.

HARVARD  MIDDLEBURYWenner, l.f.  r.f., JohnsonD'Connell, r.f.  l.f., Bulliken, Maynard, SorensonUpton, Mahady, c.  c., Humeston, Maynard, Sorenson Rex, l.g.  r.g., Spooner