While L. H. Hubbard '31 was grinding out moving pictures of some formations of the Harvard Band, a DH-60 Gypay Moth airplane, owned by Skyways. Incorporated, and piloted by E. H. L. Sexton, instructor in the Department of Archaeology after losing its altitude, grounded on Soldiers Field next to the second team football field yesterday afternoon at 4.45 o'clock. Another passenger, Gordon Cairnie, was in the plane at the time, but neither was hurt.

The plane was headed from the direction of the Yard up the River when Sexton, who is an experienced pilot, realized that either he was out of gas, or the gas feed line was broken, and headed towards Soldiers Field. Falling rapidly the plane skimmed two trees, approached the field where the band was practicing, and bounced on the ground, smashing the landing gear, propellor, and lower wings.