University to Sponsor Annual Meet This Morning--200 Entries Have Been Received by H. A. A.

Harvard will sponsor its Annual Interscholastic Cross Country Run, open to high schools and preparatory schools this morning at 10.30 o'clock. At that time the preparatory schools will race and the high school meet will begin a 11 o'clock. The high school course will be laid on the track around the circumference of Soldiers Field. Competitor will run around the field twice, a distance of the little over two miles; the prep school teams will have to run a distance of three and one half miles.

Over two hundred entries have beet received from the teams in the high school race, in which 19 teams have been entered. They are Oxford High. Worcester High School of Commerce, Providence La Salle, Providence Technical Rogers High, Westerly High. Arlington High.. Schenectady High. Woburn High. Stoneham High. Weymouth High. Brain tree High. Quincy High, Newton High Concord High. North High of Worcester Winchester High. Beverly High, and Newton High. Schenectady High, winners last year, will be favorites again to day, although the Arlington harriers of Coach William McCarthy are considered to have a good chance. Five preparatory schools have entered the other class of the race.