Opening Games in Interfraternity Indoor Baseball League to Start This Evening

After the conclusion of the fall touch football games this afternoon, when the winner of the Independent League meets Morris II, champion team in the Business School group, the first games of the Fraternity Indoor Baseball League will be played at the Freshman Athletic building in the evening.

Two leagues have been formed: the Alpha group is composed of six teams. Alpha Chi Sigma, Kappa Nu, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and the Trident Club. The Beta League has five entrants: Delta Upsilon, Kappa Sigma, Phike Club, Sigma Alpha Mu, and St. Paul's Catholic Club.

Following are the schedules planned:


7 o'clock, Trident Club versus Kappa Nu: 8 o'clock, Phike Club versus Kappa Sigma: 9 o'clock. Sigma Alpha Epsilon versus Lambda Chi Alpha.


7 o'clock, Alpha Chi Sigma versus Phi Epsilon Pi: 8 o'clock. Delta Upsilon versus St. Paul's Catholic Club.


7 o'clock, Lambda Chi Alpha versus Kappa Nu: 8 o'clock. Phike Club versus Sigma Alpha Mu: 9 o'clock, Trident Club versus Sigma Alpha Epsilon.


7 o'clock, Phi Epsilon Pi versus Trident Club: 8 o'clock. Kappa Sigma versus Delta Upsilon.


7 o'clock, Sigma Alpha Mu versus St. Paul's Catholic Club: 8 o'clock, Alpha Chi Sigma versus Kappa Nu: 9 o'clock. Phike Club. versus Delta Upsilon.