HERE'S HOW AGAIN! Edited by Judge Jr. John Day and Company, New York, 1929. $1.00.

THIS is a pocket-size edition of new drinking recipes and concotions to be tried on gastronomic systems already in a sad state, thanks to the Anti-Saloon League's practical joke on America,

If you like Judge Jr., or rather used to like him, for the original Judge Jr. is at present editing "Life" (Now 10 cents!--Advt.) instead of Judge, then you may like this collection of mixings they are gotten up in his same so-called collegiate manner which automatically rubs most normal people the wrong way.

We can't vouch for the quality of the receipes; they may all be world-beaters. But we haven't tried them, holding the not unnatural prejudice of a sensible drinker against the vast majority of fancy, fruity, and fribbety belly-washes.