Will Ride Against Cincinnati Riders En Route--Second Team Faces Yale Saturday Night

Undefeated, up to the present time, the University polo team leaves today for Cleveland, where they will meet the Cleveland polo team at the Squadron A Armory, Friday evening, February 22. The following day, the team will go to Cincinnati, meeting the western malletmen at the Cincinnati Riding Club.

The Crimson horsemen F. A. Clark '29, G. O. Clark '31, E. T. Gerry '31, and T. B. Glynn '29, as substitute, are optimistic as to keeping the season's record clear.

Also undefeated, is the Junior University team, which plays the Yale team, Saturday night in the Commonwealth Armory. The Junior malletmen have won again, this year, the Class B cup, won by the Freshman team last year, thus, keeping it in the hands of the Harvard riders.

Those who will probably play on Saturday night are, No. 1, H. I. Nicholas '31 or E. K. Jenkins '32, No. 2, R. C. Walker '31 and No. 3 J. P. Cotton '29.

On Saturday, March 2, the University team will play Yale, at the Commonwealth Armory. This is the second game of the series, the first being won by Harvard, 11 to 10.