Soccer team Plays Swedish Booters in Practice Game

In its second informal spring practice game, the University soccer team will meet the Swedish Football Club soccer eleven this afternoon at 2.15 o'clock at Soldiers Field. Last week the Harvard booters defeated the M.I.T. spring team by a 4 to 0 score.

Spring practice has been going on for only two weeks, a good deal of which was unfavorable for soccer because of the heavy rains. As a result of this, the playing in last week's game was ragged but the outlook for today's contest is slightly more favorable.

The Harvard lineup will be as follows: Powel, g.; Stollmeyer, l.f.b.; Catinella, r.f.b.; Bland, l.h.b.; W.D. Carter, c.h.b.; Kane, r.h.b.; Wight, l.o.f.; Henshaw, l.i.f.; Vogel, c.f.; Broadbent, r.i.f.; Grover, r.o.f.