Owing to complications that have arisen between the cooperating directors of the American-Albanian School situated in Albania, B. H. Schneider '24 is returning to this country in an effort to relieve the situation, according to a cable received from him here to day. Schneider has been for the past few years associated with the Albanian project which has been supported to a small degree through the gifts of the Phillips Brooks House Association. C. B. Garey '29, chairman of the Missions Committee has been the director of the Associations activity in this particular field during the past year.

Friction arising from mismanagement and lack of cooperation between the local and foreign directorates of the school has led to a temporary recall of the Harvard representative, in an effort to smooth out a situation that has grown complicated. The director of the school, E. Telford Erickson who has engaged in an extensive series of lectures in support of the school throughout the country during the past year, is returning this summer to engage in conference to discuss the future policy and organization of the school.

Schneider, who previously, was asked to resign by the director has held his position throughout the trials that have featured the growth of the school in its formative stages in the past few years. Upon his return, it is quite possible that he will canvass the country in his search for new stock, with which he has been replenishing and enlarging the cattle culture of the decadent section of the country where he has been engaged with Albanian school.

It is quite possible that the conference this summer will result in a merger of the Albanian school with the new University of Albania, being established this year under the direction of Dr. E. J. Erwin of the University of Rome.