Welcome to the Englishmen


The coming of another Oxford-Cambridge track team to meet the combined forces of Harvard and Yale in July is a welcome event not only for the track enthusiast but as much for all Americans who see in interrrelationships of this nature an important aid to the cementing of Ango-American friendship.

The history of these contests must be contrasted most pleasantly with the hectic rivalry of the Olympic Games. Friendship and the idea of a pleasant excursion have fortunately been the dominant themes which have characterized the matches in the past. At the same time the keen desire for victory has not been lost but merely sublimated to the more commendable attitude of fair play.

Harvard and Yale are happy to welcome the Englishmen again. We trust that the exchange of ideas which will inevitably take place will convince the visitors that all true Americans desire to maintain the best of cordial relations between the two countries. Those who have ridiculed the alleged advantages of such contests from this point of view would do well to exclude from their lists the Oxford-Cambridge invasion. There is nothing quite like it in the athletic relations of the two countries. This is no Ryder Cup team bent only on victory.