Harvard Asks Yale to Dinner

Of quick, pleasing appeal is the plan of the Harvard Club of Boston to play host to the Yale Club of Boston at a special dinner which will be held in Harvard Hall on the night of Oct. 30. There is the making of history in such an occasion. It stands, within long memory, as the first of its kind ever known here. To be sure, local alumni associations of friendly colleges finding themselves assembled for their annual dinners on the same night in different rooms of the same hotel or club-building in Boston, have often exchanged gifts of good will, sending committees of greeting the one to the other. Again, the alumni of different colleges have quite often united in joint assemblies of one sort and another. But it is difficult, if not impossible, to recall any instance when the grace of host-ship has been carried to the full and entire effectiveness which is planned for the night of Oct. 30. Quite certainly, as, between Harvard and Yale, the novelty of the idea, as first conceived by Joseph R. Hamlen, chairman of the dinner committee, and as most cordially sponsored by the Harvard Club's board of governors, is complete.

Although detailed arrangements are not yet far advanced, one great essential has been provided for in a manner quite obviously excellent. The speakers for the occasion will be two and two only--President James R. Angell from among the guests and President A. Lawrence Lowell on behalf of the hosts. Here is an assured promise of interest and significance. For once, one imagines, the theme of oratory will be not largely concerned with football. Two great educators will stand together before the Boston alumni of their two institutions, and the cause of higher education will have bright light turned upon it indeed. --Boston Transcript.