Distribute Checks Today to Members of Organization--Membership of Over 9600 Last Year

Over $95,000 in dividends will be distributed to members of the Harvard Cooperative Society today, it was announced Saturday by G. E. Cole, Manager of the organization. Checks for individual dividends will be given to members at that time upon presentation of last year's Coop membership card.

Membership in the organization numbered over 9600 last year, a figure which does not include those outside of the University who belonged to the Coop. Last year's dividends, amounting to some $90,000, were, moreover, $5000 less than those of the fiscal year just closed, in which Coop business was the largest in many years.

Tomorrow the annual meeting of the participating members of the Society will be held, open to all who are members of the organization. This meeting, which will be held in Harvard 1 at 5 o'clock, will see the nominations for directors voted upon. Six of the directors who have been nominated are from Harvard, three of whom are undergraduate representatives on the board. The other three are faculty and alumni members.