This evening the center of attention for Yale men will be in Montclair, New Jersey, where the sons of Eli are to hold their annual "win, lose, or draw" barn party. The meeting this year is of interest to the public as well, because retiring Coach Bill Roper of Princeton will be the guest of honor. By inviting Mr. Roper to attend this hitherto exclusively Yale gathering, the New Haven graduates not only express their own admiration for their guest but also give evidence of the fine sportsmanship that intercollegiate rivalry can create.

For many years Mr. Roper sent Princeton elevens on the road to gridiron fame and to not a few victories over the Crimson and over the Blue. His retirement at the close of the late football season leaves him with a reputation of having won, in addition to a great many games, the respect of those universities which at one time or another met his teams on the athletic field. In the chronicle of Princeton football one can expect to find Bill Roper's name in much the same high place that Percy Haughton's occupies at Harvard.