When, last fall, the Botanical Gardens withered in a state of financial delinquency, a problem arose which apparently called for all the rare tact and ingenuity which the combined forces of sundry garden clubs and a Harvard administration could muster to the foreground. The situation was attacked will such a display of apprehension and diffuse polemics that it assumed all the seriousness of a three act mystery play to undergraduates uninitiated in the science and verbiage of horticulture.

But as suddenly as it appeared, the Botanic peril vanished, leaving mystified students to retire to their habitual calm and wonder what a Botanic Garden was, after all. With the first bright rays of spring sunshine, however, the Botanic Gardens once more bloom securely on the front page of the morning paper, but this time in the tranquil atmosphere of compromise. The Harvard administration and the local gardening forces have settled their difficulties to their mutual satisfaction. The buds will sprout in peace this spring, for the war of the roses is over.