The act of the City of Cambridge in giving the Cambridge School of the Drama the use of the Rogers Building for the next year is beneficial to the School as well as to the City itself. Before the structure is torn down to be replaced by a fire station, it is fitting that its final use should be one of advantage to both the masters it has served during its lifetime.

Although this building, since its construction in 1858, has been a gymnasium, the Germanic Museum, a paint shop and a Naval Science class room, it has each time become inadequate. Its last mission will be to help along the growth of dramatics at Harvard. The decision has not yet been reached as to whether the building will be used for the presentation of plays or the concentration of the various departments of the School, including the offices and the workshop for stage scenery construction. In either case the City's generous act marks a definite step forward in the development of the School.

Cooperation of this sort is indicative of the healthy relations which exist between Harvard and the City of Cambridge.