Eight Juniors Picked to Aid Trainer In His Duties--To Usher at Sanders Theatre, Stadium, and Yard

The names of 58 men who will usher at Commencement were announced last night by J. N. Trainer '31, Head Usher. Nineteen of the men are Sophomores and the other 39 are Juniors. At the same time Trainer announced that eight of this number have been selected to aid him as assistant Class Day head ushers.

The eight men whom Trainer picked to assist him in his duties are as follows: E. S. Amazeen '31, M. M. dePicabia '31, S. P. Duggan Jr. '31, R. G. Edwards '31, J. B. Garrison '31, L. N. Grimes '31, R. H. Johnson Jr. '31, P. M. Sweezy '31.

50 on Committee

The following 50 make up the remainder of the committee: Z. B. Adams Jr. '32, R. C. Aldrich '31, J. B. Ames '32, R. C. Angier Jr. '32, W. P. Arnold Jr. '31, Rawn Brinckley '32. A. G. Bullock '32, J. B. Campbell '31, T. D. Carmen Jr. '31, R. G. Carpenter 2d '31, A. L. Castle Jr. '32, R. McH. Chilson '31, W. H. Croshy '32, C. C. Cunningham '32.

P. S. Dalton Jr. '31. C. D. Dillon '31. J. F. Dwinell Jr. '31. C. S. Eaton '32, R. M. Faxon '32, M. J. Finlayson '32, G. W. Gibson '31, J. H. Gildea '31. M. W. Gill '31. F. J. Gilligan '32, F. M. Goodwin Jr. '31. D. McL. Greeley '31, R. L. Hoguet Jr. '31, V. A. Holmes '32, A. W. Huguley Jr. '31.

Bliny Jewell Jr. '31, F. H. Kales 3d '32, James Marshall '31, Daniel Merriman '31, J. H. Parker Jr. '31, Geoffrey Parsons Jr. '31, C. F. Richards '31. F. B. Robinson '31. W. C. Rowe '31, R. K. Safford '31, Marshal Stearns Jr. '31, J. E. Stevens '31, G. N. Talbot 2d '32, John Todd '31, P. A. Tolman '31, R. S. Warner Jr. '32, B. D. White '32, P. M. Whitman '32, F. F. Wilder '32. D. A. Wilson '34, Eliot Wylie '31.