In accordance with its policy of the last two years The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art will hold various exhibitions at frequent intervals during the coming year. The first of this, its third season, will be a Tercentenary showing and will open about October 15.

The exhibition will be comprised chiefly of Colonial subjects as is befitting a showing of this nature. However the exhibit will not be confined solely to this aspect of art as several other types including designs of locomotives will receive their share of the attention. One of the chief works presented will be a representation f Col. Charles A. Jandbergh flying his famous Trans-Atlantic plane over Niagara Falls. During the days between October 15-30 free admission will be accorded all students of Harvard University and Radcliffe Colege.

At various later dates during the year other exhibits will also be held. Such subjects as, "International Photography", "Industry and Mechanics", and "Advertising" will feature these coming presentations. Also a collection of the latest works of Pablo Pecasso will occupy the walls of the exhibition rooms, located at 1400 Massachusetts Avenue. All students interested in art the urged to take advantage of these excellent opportunities.

Membership in this organization is attained by paying an annual fee of $2.00. All students registered in Harvard University and Radcliffe are eligible for admission. All members are granted the privilege of a five percent discount on purchases and receive invitations to a pre-view of each exhibition. Anyone interested should get in touch with Miss Sophia Ames in room 207 of the Cooperative building