Reward Seekers Bring Long Line of Orientals to Crimson Hoping One Will be Huey-No Trace of Prognosticator Yet

Although a number of orientals representing many of the best laundries in Cambridge were reluctantly brought to the CRIMSON Building yesterday by persons hopeful of winning the reward offered for the discovery of Dr. Hu Flung Huey, no actual information as to the whereabouts if the CRIMSON'S renowned football score prognosticator was uncovered.

The suggestion was made by one of the many who are anxious to see the sage of the age back at his job that Connie. Mack has kidnapped the famous prophet in an attempt to remove the element of chance from the next World Series. It will be remembered by followers of sport that Dr. Huey's reputation did not really become worldwide until the last World Series, when his remarkably accurate predictions finally won over the most stubborn doubters of his prowess. Investigation brought quick death, however, to the kidnapping story.

Meanwhile the search goes on. The reward is doubled, even tripled, for any information which will lead to the discovery of the Whereabouts of the prognosticator extraordinary. The few policemen and detectives who are not making guesses as to the Whereabouts of New York's Justice Crater are looking for the CRIMSON'S Dr. Huey. The editors of the CRIMSON still cling to the hope that the paragon of prophets will turn up in time to make his predictions about the games which open the gridiron season tomorrow. Like all men of genius, the famous Chinese doctor is slightly eccentric. Perhaps, too, he is a little vain, and is planning a spectacular, last-minute entry to Cambridge.