Last week my employers played what you call "a dirty trick" on me. I made my predictions and handed in my copy to the editor, then left for the game at West Point. But the editor was a skeptical one. He saw that I had said: Harvard 14, 'Army 13; Yale 27, Chicago 0; and Columbia 19, Dartmouth 6. He did not believe this. When he was certain that I had gone he took unauthorized power into his hands and destroyed the copy. I need tell no more to vindicate myself.

It Texas much ability as I have to predict today's game. No bull, it's going to be hard to steer a straight course. If you ox a longhorn who will win he will say, "Texas Guinan win." But I'll tell him, "Huey you to say such things" I decree that Harvard will win by a score of 20 to 7. Other scores: Virginia 7  Washington and Lee 12 Dartmouth 47  Lebanon Valley 0 Holy Cross 26  Rutgers 7 Yale 13  Army 20