October 10 is Date Set for Completion of Registration--Walter Prichard Eaton to Give Course

Beginning its 1931-32 season, the Cambridge School of the Drama will open its doors to Harvard and Radcliffe students on Tuesday, October 13.

Courses will be given this year in elementary and advanced playwriting, play production, stagecraft, stage design, and dramatic criticism. Students should register at the office of the School not later than Saturday, October 10.

The feature of the school this year will be a course in the modern theatre and dramatic criticism, to be given by Walter Prichard Eaton '00. Eaton was formerly a critic for the New York Sun and is at present a literary critic for the New York Herald Tribune and a member of the editorial staff of the Boston Herald. Students in his course will be required to write criticisms of current productions in Boston and New York.

As in former years, a series of lectures will be given by members of the Board of Governors of the School. Among those to contribute special lectures will be J. Brooks Atkinson '17, John Mason Brown '23, Owen Davis '92, Kenneth MacGowan, 117, Eugene O'Neil, H. T. Parker '89, Gilbert Seldes '14, Robert Sherwood '17, Lee Simonson '08, and Robert Edmond Jones '10.