The die-hard traditions are often those which are of questionable value, Mr. Reinhard long ago left the Harvard precinct but his name lingers on and seems to be growing in acclaim by the Yard.

There are some Freshmen who wish to study from time to time and the addition of a chorus of Reinhardts to the rumble of subways, street, cars, automobiles, a ND bells is distracting. Since it encompasses the entire Freshman class, the Yard may be considered a place of preparation for the upper classes. But that is no justification for the turning of the Yard into a preparatory school.

Harvard long ago banished Freshman oppression, hazing, restrictions, caps, and all other evidences of collegiatism. There is no legitimate place in a metropolitan community for that sort of freshman distinction and its concomitant physical outbursts. Conditions do not yet warrant a return of loudly vociferous traditions unless one can interpret the growth of graduate schools as an indication that Harvard College is to be relegated to the preparatory school class.