Under the auspices of the Harvard Dramatic Club the Ben Greet Players will again appear in Boston when they give Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" and "Julius Caesar" in January. Sir Philip Ben Greet and an all-English company will give only two performances both at Jordan Hall on January 19. Julius Caesar will be presented at a matinee and the "Comedy of Errors" in the evening.

Sir Philip and his Shakespeare company will probably not play in Boston again for although he has not committed himself on the point, it is generally supposed that this is his farewell tour of the country. He has spent many years in touring America playing Shakesperian dramas for university and preparatory school students. He is especially well known for his productions of the first folio of Shakespeare's works having played and directed Hamlet in Sanders Theatre last year. His first appearance in Cambridge was in 1903 when he presented the allegorical miracle play "Everyman." Since that time he has given several open air productions on the University grounds.

Last year the Dramatic Club invited Blanche Yurka to play in "Electra" in Boston, an example which was followed by requests for her to play at other colleges. By inviting Sir Philip Ben Greet's Shakespeare Company the Club hopes to set the precedent of sponsoring the productions of a well known company annually in this city.

Frederick Sargeant, long with the "Old Vic" Theatre in London, is a former partner of Otis Skinner and the late Sir Herbert Tree. Christopher Gasson, son of the great English actress Sybil Thorndike, and Russell Thorndike, her brother, are again with the company.