French Department Grieves at Loss of Popular Instructor--The Deceased is Survived by Wife

Eugene L. Raiche, for 20 years an instructor in French at Harvard University, collapsed last Monday night while crossing the Boston Common, and died before medical aid could be given him. As far as is known Mr. Raiche has been under no apprehension of any trouble. Sincere sorrow at this loss was expressed by the whole French department. Dean A. F. Whittem, in particuler, said, "This is a great shock and loss to all members of the department, and I am sure we shalkl all miss very much the kindly, cheery presence of our late comrade." M. Raiche has been a popular member of the faculty since he first arrived in 1911. He taught for a while in French 2, French 3, and French 6, but always so occupied himself in his work that he found little time for any writing. Primarily a teacher rather than a scholar, he indulged in hardly any activity outside of his line of work. He was extremely popular with his students. Earlier in his career Mr. Raiche studied for the ministry and had and had even preached for a while. Later he travelled quite extensively, and was 59 years old at the time of the accident; although born in this country, he was of French parentage. A good part of his life was spent abroad; it was in Paris that he first met his wife.