Smaller Wing to be Delayed on Account of Lack of Funds to Cover Erection

for sun-seeking, and shade-seeking plants. Stone walls with running water, foraquaceous plants are also to be mounted on top of the upper story. Another unusual feature will be a frieze running above the upper tier of windows, constructed of projecting copper-covered bosses, each showing one of the symbols of Biological Science.

Work on the smaller wing of the new building will doubtless be delayed until the raising of further sums of money, the amount now on hand being sufficient only to complete the two larger ones. For this reason, the whole laboratory will not be available for use at the same time, and the date of the official opening cannot be estimated with certainty. The plans for the court of the quadrangle have not been definitely determined, but they will probably include walks leading up the center to the main entrance.

It is believed that this building, when completed, will be the finest and best equipped laboratory for biological research that has yet been erected in this country.