The quality of the tutors should be improved, for many of them cannot inspire a student to individual work. Most tutors give assignments having little constructive bearing on the field of concentration.

I do not feel that men should be forced to eat in the Houses, since this system in no way encourages the democratic idea.

The room prices in the Houses are rather exorbitant; and the fact that they are being raised is contrary to the democratic idea of including all students in the houses.

I feel very strongly that the War Memorial should not be a chapel, which would be very little used by undergraduates. A memorial group of sculpture placed on the lower side of University Hall or in some other equally prominent position, would be vastly more impressive, bringing back the memory of the war and what it meant to those involved. The War Memorial should also include the names of the men who fought on both sides: the central powers as well as the allied armies.

Something radical should be done to improve the ventilation of the Widener Library reading room.

Intramural sports cannot and should not gain the prominence of intercollegiate sports. Atlantic teams do a tremendous amount towards binding the feelings of everyone to the University as a whole. This feeling should not be undermined.